Feeding Fingers Release the First of a Series of Maxi Singles Slated for 2012

by Justin Curfman

The release of Feeding Fingers’ first maxi single of 2012, “Where the Threads are the Thinnest”, initiates a new direction for the band –

Feeding Fingers: "Where the Threads are the Thinnest" Maxi Single

Feeding Fingers: "Where the Threads are the Thinnest" Maxi Single

straying away from the usual album format to keep their listeners from waiting so long between releases and to offer them a chance to hear unreleased and past work in a new light.

Feeding Fingers will be releasing a series of maxi singles throughout 2012. Each single will include new material along with accompanying b-sides, demos and other rarities.

The new single, “Where the Threads are the Thinnest” also includes an intimate version of the song, “My Imagined House” (from the album “Detach Me From My Head”) for ukulele and voice, along with a version of “Manufactured Missing Children” (from the album, “Manufactured Missing Children”) for piano and cello – both arranged and performed by frontman, Justin Curfman.

“Where the Threads are the Thinnest” is available now (MP3 – 320 kbps and Lossless FLAC) exclusively at www.FeedingFingers.com.

The physical CD and the usual iTunes, Amazon, etc. distribution channels will be made available in late January / early February.

And for those of you that may have missed it, “Wrecker”, the debut novel from Feeding Fingers’ frontman, Justin Curfman, is available now in trade paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.com.

Best Wishes,

David I. Nunez, Management

Tephramedia (Germany / USA)